Saturday, August 06, 2011

Day 1411 -- Selbysport

I googled "Selbysport, MD" and found this nice old railway station. Unfortunately, it's from the Garrett County web site, and it's not clear that this place is in Selbysport. It might be in the county seat, Oakland, which is well south of here. Or it could be in Accident, Bittinger, Bloomington, Crellin, Deer Park, Friendsville, Grantsville, Hutton, Jennings, Kitzmiller, McHenry, Elk Garden, New Germany, Keysers Ridge, Loch Lynn Heights, Ashor Glade, Avilton, Elder Hill, Hoyes, Thayerville, Sang Run, Shallmar, Swanton, Table Rock, Redhouse, Gortner, Alamont or Bayard. The web site isn't real clear on this.

I ran about six and a half miles this morning. It's a little cooler, but I still managed to work up a sweat over that distance.