Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 1234 -- Muddy Monster

Today was the Muddy Monster Cross Country run in Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids is a long way to go for a 5k run. Basically, we drove four hours and I ran 30 minutes. But I went because I had company. I went with my friend Mandy, her two daughters, and her mother-in-law. One of the daughters ran/walked it, and Mandy walked the whole thing. So I was the top finisher from Joggerville!

It was fun. It had rained overnight, so we got some good mud for the Muddy Monster, but there was no rain for the race. The race was well organized. There were lots of volunteers, and the race announcer was fun.

There was a costume contest, with a lot of original costumes. The winner was a giant Lego man. My polka-dot tights barely got any notice at all.

My time was OK. I ran just under 30 minutes. Considering that it was a muddy and uneven path, that's not bad. I definitely had a kick at the end. I finished 7th in my age group. Out of 7. I got smoked by a 70-year-old man. Did I mention that I beat an 11-year-old kid and a walker to take the the title of First Joggerville finisher?