Saturday, October 30, 2010

Days 1235, 1236, and 1237 -- We now return you to your regularly scheduled Jogger

Where have I been? Running a little, but blogging not. My motivation is lacking.

I had planned to get up on Sunday for a long run, but I didn't. Monday has been a day off, and I took it. I did manage to get out of bed and run in the rain on Tuesday. It was a good run, really, if a bit miserable. I also ran Wednesday, but it was no fun. I didn't feel like a guy who could run a marathon. I felt like a guy who had never run before. Thursday threatened snow, so I planned a day off and took it. Then Friday, I again planned to run, but didn't. This morning, I managed to get out again, but only by promising myself no more than three miles.

Part of my motivation problem is the various hassles in my life. The oldest and newest Little Jogger is acting out a little. It's the same thing this time every year. The school year started off OK, but she's starting to lose energy, and the work is getting a bit harder, and her grades are slipping. So we take away some privileges, and she gets mad, and it's just a blow-up. We also have hassle at work, with a small group of people sniping and arguing, and making the atmosphere uncomfortable in the whole department. Also, after a couple of years of politics at church, as ugly as only church politics can be, our pastors are leaving for greener pastures. So, hassles at home, hassles at work, hassles at doesn't leave me many places to relax.

I'll try to get back into the habit of running, and also into the habit of blogging. Stay tuned.