Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 1263 -- Littleton

From, we find that Chutters, in Littleton, "features a tour de force of familiar and hard-to-find candies." I guess I'd better keep running, to burn off all those calories.

I got in a fairly long run this morning, on the treaded dreadmill. I woke up early and was at the fitness center by about 5:15. It's pretty lonely that early on a Sunday morning. I think I was running for almost an hour before anyone else showed up.

I've decided I need to start training for something. Not training, I find too many excuses to take a day off. The Eau Claire Marathon is on May 1. By coincidence, I will be in the neighborhood that weekend, because the section meeting of the MAA is in Menomonie. And that's 17 weeks after the first of the year, so that's a good length of training. I haven't committed, yet, but I'm thinking that's the next plan.