Thursday, December 02, 2010

Days 1253 and 1254 -- East Montpelier

When I think of fall in New England, this is exactly the picture that is in my mind. Interestingly, it is from this story that asserts that fall colors in New England are getting less intense, because of global climate change. More interestingly, the story is from Fox News. I thought that Fox News didn't believe in global climate change.

I ran both yesterday and today. It felt good, but cold. The temperature plummeted on Tuesday after my run. I had a hard time getting out of bed yesterday. I had to tell myself how rotten I would feel if I didn't run, and that did the trick. This morning, I had no trouble getting up at all. In fact, I had trouble sleeping, because of a migraine. So I was awake at 4, and not going back to sleep. I got up and ran, and that helped my head. But now I'm fading fast, just like the colors in New England.