Sunday, March 20, 2011

Days 1318 and 1319 -- South Lyme

If you'd like to buy this card, of the children's bathing pool at Point O' Woods Beach, in South Lyme, I have bad news for you. The folks at CardCow have already sold it. The original didn't have a Jogger in it, anyway.

I ran outside again yesterday, an easy four. I planned to run outside again this morning, but it was pouring rain. I might have gone out for four or five, but I had a long run planned, and I didn't think I really wanted to do it in a cold rain. So I went to the gym. It was just as well. After an hour or so, it started to thunder and lightning.

I didn't run as far as I wanted. I was OK for seven or eight miles, but the last four or five were pretty rough. Oh, well. I still made a little over 12, and it looks like I'm in decent shape for a Pikermi in six weeks.