Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Days 1331, 1332, and 1333 -- New York

This is actually my third spin in New York. I started JogAmericaBlog in New York City, at the Empire State Building, in 2006. I ran out of New York and into New Jersey on the first day. I ran back into New York on October 2 of last year, some time during the Lakefront Marathon. I posted this photo then. It's one of the few times I used this cutout, with me in my Lakefront Marathon shirt and wearing my medal. On Sunday or Monday, I ran into New York for the third time.

Sorry I haven't been posting. Life happens. I ran 13.2 on Sunday, my last run at that distance before the Pikermi at the end of the month. I did a very slow 5K on Monday. I took Tuesday off, and today I did a fairly brisk 5 miles. Overall, I'm feeling OK. I think I should survive the Pikermi.