Sunday, April 24, 2011

Days 1338, 1339, and 1340 -- Staten Island

Into New York once again. This time, I ran across the Goethels Bridge, onto Staten Island, the forgotten borough. Many, many years ago, my family lived on Staten Island. My father was teaching at Richmond College (and then the College of Staten Island, when it changed names.) I was about 8 when we moved there, and about 15 when we moved away. It was an interesting time. We took Cub Scout trips to the Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers. Try that in Wisconsin. Of course there was also crime and crowds and litter and all the big city woes. I wouldn't move back to New York now. But it was fun.

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've run the last three days. Six on Friday, six on Saturday, and nine this morning. Twenty-one miles in three days, which isn't too shabby. The Pikermi is next Sunday morning.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Is that the Outer Bridge?

USJogger said...

That's the Goethals Bridge, which connects Staten Island to Elizabeth, NJ, and is named after Major General George Washington Goethals, who supervised construction of the Panama Canal and was the first consulting engineer of the Port Authority. The Outerbridge Crossing connects Staten Island to Perth Amboy, and is named after Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge the first chairman of the then-Port of New York Authority and a resident of Staten Island. According to Wikipedia (where I got all these facts, except Elizabeth, which I remembered) Outerbridge's name could be pronounced "ooterbridge", but I never heard the crossing pronounced that way. And yes, Staten Islanders mostly call it the Outerbridge, and, by a bit of luck, it is the one furthest out from most of the population of the borough.