Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 934 -- Pierre

Still a little shy of Pierre, but I can squeeze a couple of posts out of the state capitol. And since it is the state capitol, my first visit will be with Frank. Frank, of course, has visited all the state capitols, so every time I get near one, I know where to look. Lookin' good, Frank.

I admit, I approached today's long run with some trepidation. My last long run didn't go well. Then I didn't get in any long run at all for two weeks, while I was off on vacation. And my last two regular runs didn't go well. And it was raining. So all signs pointed to a hard run.

But I made it. I ran the whole 23 miles that I had planned. The first half was mostly in steady rain. It let up for a while, but then in the last two miles, it started to rain again. Not real comfortable.

I admit, I'm tired. I was completely exhausted at the end of the run. I did not have another 5K left in me, which is what I would have needed to run a marathon. But still, I'm satisfied. One more long run, then a taper, and I ought to be ready to go. The marathon is 5 weeks away.