Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 943 -- More Whitlock

This site from the South Dakota division of Game, Fish, and Parks actually has pictures of every camp site at West Whitlock Recreation Area. So you can pick out the best one, I guess. I picked site 13, in honor of tomorrow's race.

That's right, tomorrow is the inaugural Madison Mini Marathon, a 13.1 mile race. I'm going to try it as a pace run for my marathon. It should be nice weather for it.

I had to go up today to pick up my race packet. I took the four Little Joggers, as well as the medium Little Jogger's friend Hurricane Andrew. To make it worth their while, we also went to the zoo. I told the first LJ that I could probably have traded the three boys for baboons, and no one would be the wiser. Except that our house would probably smell a little better. In any case, it was a fun trip, except for the adventure of trying to get to campus on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 on the weekend that the students are starting to move in.

I did run this morning, a very easy three miles, just to stay loose. Tomorrow, 13.1. Expect a race report.