Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 940 -- Beautiful South Dakota

Well, there's really not much out here on this lonely stretch of US-83. So, just to change things up, I googled "beautiful South Dakota," and I got this lovely prairie from the Asniya web site. And what the heck is "Asniya", you ask? Allow me to allow them to explain:
Asniya, meaning "to heal" or "to cure" in the language of the Dakota Sioux, is an outreach program, established through Harvard Medical School in 1995, whereby medical students and other allied health care students are recruited from participating institutions to serve as Asniya interns. Interns receive course credit and are sent to Indian reservations to introduce Native American youth to fields in health care. In addition, clinical experiences are arranged for the interns at local reservation health care facilities, providing insight to the complex Native American health issues that exist.
So I also get to plug a good cause. How cool is that?

I ran an extremely slow five miles this morning. It was hard to get started, but the weather was gorgeous.