Sunday, May 08, 2011

Day 1348 -- Prospect Plains

A quick summary of my jogging life:

  • Tuesday: Didn't want to get out of bed. Monday evening, I had posted a goal not to skip any scheduled runs this month. You kind of want to keep those goals going for at least 12 hours. So I got up and ran a slow 5K.
  • Wednesday: See Tuesday. I little bit longer, but a little bit slower.
  • Thursday: Slept in. Felt bad.
  • Friday: Made up for the missed day on Thursday. Not a real strong run, but I ran it.
  • Saturday: The Pioneer Trail 5K at the university. My second race this week! I actually ran about the same pace for the 5K that I had for the Pikermi. It was hot, and I wasn't rested, and it was a really hilly trail. It was far from my best 5K, but I finished.
  • Sunday: A nice, cool, dry morning. I just got out and ran. I didn't have any particular time goal, pace goal, or distance goal. I ran until I was tired, and then, well, I was still two miles from home, so I kept running. It turned out to be a little over eight miles, which was fine.

A quick summary of my non-jogging life:

  • Tuesday: A long meeting with the student discipline committee, reviewing the procedure for two pending appeals of suspensions for non-academic misconduct. At that point, we had almost no details, and were just talking in generalities. Since then, both appeals have been settled, and the committee is going dormant again until needed.
  • Wednesday: Not too late at school, but too tired to blog.
  • Thursday: Two senior seminar presentations. We have 14 senior seminar students this semester, the most in at least five years. Naturally, the duty of organizing senior seminar, which rotates around the department, fell on me. I'm also the topic advisor for two of the students.
  • Friday: Relaxed a little in the evening, and watched TV with the kids.
  • Saturday: Grading, grading, grading. Mrs. J isn't feeling well, so I get to cook.
  • Sunday: More grading. Helped Mrs. J out in the yard. She is planting, replanting, landscaping, and just generally having a good time. She is still not 100%, so I help with the digging. This is actually a pretty good Mother's Day present for her.

This next week is the last week of classes, with finals the week after. I am now officially in "the semester can't end soon enough for me" mode.

New Jersey Turnpike picture from AARoads.