Friday, February 04, 2011

Day 1288 -- Rochester

This gazebo is from the park in Rochester. If you show up in the summer, you can go to Pajamas in the Park a free concert series geared toward fun and family entertainment. Sounds like fun.

Day 1288 was yesterday. I went down to the gym for four miles on the dreadmill. After a hard nooner on Wednesday, I knew that I wasn't going to have a great run, and I didn't. But I survived, and I took today off.

One reason that I didn't have enough time to blog last night was that I came home late. I went to a talk at the university. It wasn't anything that I had to go to, but it sounded like a good topic. The main talk was by someone I don't know well, with a response by a good friend of mine. I was excited. Until the talk started.

It was horrible. I decided that it was a Jackson Pollack painting. There was some sort of overall theme, and it might have meant something to the speaker. Depending on your mood, and your prior experiences, it might even raise particular thoughts in your head. But it didn't mean anything in and of itself. And my friend had to respond to it. How do you respond to a Jackson Pollack painting? He did the best he could. He more or less said, "You know, that reminds me of something..." and went ahead and gave a coherent talk.