Saturday, February 19, 2011

Days 1295 through 1298 -- West Peabody

Geezer alert! This, young people, is a Fotomat booth. Years ago, when cameras had film in them, you had to take it to a professional to get the pictures developed. One place you could do that was at a little tiny booth, usually in a strip-mall parking lot, just big enough for one person and the necessary equipment. This picture was taken in 1987, by not_on_display, a certified geezer. He had a summer job, here.

It has been a long, long week. I have been running, right on schedule. I have also managed to give an exam, grade it, grade homework, attend six meetings, skip one, get the MAA-WI newsletter out, get the stomach flu and spend an afternoon in bed, and not blog. A lot of not blogging.


Anonymous said...

Ahem. This is not West Peabody,this is Framingham. Corner of Franklin St. and Mt.Wayte Avenue. I used to live a mile from there. That Fotomat has been shuttered for years--which means you must have photoshopped yourself into this picture. J'accuse!

Catherine Rogers

USJogger said...

Well, if you follow the link, you'll see that the photographer claimed it was West Peabody. Of course, it also says that the photo was taken on January 14, 2011. I'm pretty darn sure that's wrong.

J Poolner said...

Ahem! Ms. Rogers, I am the original photographer, and this Fotomat was indeed in West Peabody, on the corner of Lowell and Russell Streets, at the Russell Street Plaza. I took the picture in 1987, when I worked there. I made out with my girlfriend in that booth! I killed flies out of boredom in that booth. In that booth, I saw pictures of real geezers naked in hotel rooms. It wasn't pretty.

And of course the OP photoshopped himself into the picture!

Anyways, I'm not quite a geezer yet, but I hope one day to be one. As for now, I will suffice to be Geezer Butler.