Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 1376 -- Roadrunner Rally

Better watch my step. The roadrunners are everywhere.

Today was the Roadrunner Rally, a race to benefit the local private school. I'm always up for a race where I can walk to the start, so I signed up. Then I realized that I had a little problem. Today was also the day when we had to set up for Cub Scout Day Camp, which is next week. So I ran the race asynchronously. I've done this before. I got up early and ran the route on my own. I ran the 10K, I got a time, so I'm counting it.

Whea I didn't realize was quite how small this race was going to be. The organizer is a friend of mine, but I didn't tell her that I wasn't going to be able to show up. So when I wasn't there when it was about to start, she called up to see if she should wait for me.

It would have been fun to go, too. She stopped by later and told me that only three people ran the 10K, one man and two women. So not only am I counting the race, I'm counting myself as the second man. My best showing ever.