Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1386 -- Jogger's Progress

Time60 days, 11 hrs, 44 min
5 days, 9 hrs, 2 mins
States2982 + DC

I managed to make my 22 days in June, but only by cheating. Last Monday was a scheduled day off, but I ran. Two miles. I don't know when the last time I ran only two miles was. But I knew I wasn't going to make 22 days unless I ran, and I didn't want to run too far and screw up the rest of the week.

I suppose it actually worked in my favor. This morning, I didn't really feel like running. But if I didn't, I'd blow the 22 days that I worked so hard for. So if I hadn't run Monday, I might only have run 20 miles this month.

I did my Thursday 5K this morning. It was a little warmer, and very muggy, so I didn't manage much in the way of speed. Oh well. Maybe next week, if it's a little cooler.