Sunday, June 05, 2011

Days 1366 and 1367 -- Charlestown

Actually, I'm closer to Bay View than to Charlestown, but "Bay View, Maryland" is a tough Google, because every town in Maryland has a Bay View Drive, and Johns Hopkins has a whole Bayview Medical Center. So historic Charlestown it is. Those are very historic stocks that I'm running towards.

I ran a tough 5 miles Friday morning, and then neglected to blog it. I meant to run again on Saturday, but didn't. Today, with 11 weeks until the Madison Mini Marathon, I'm starting to build up. I haven't set out a whole training plan for each day, but I have at least made a plan for my long runs, starting with eight miles today. Which I did, and it was OK. It's going to be another warm one, but I got out early, so it wasn't too bad, yet.