Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 93 -- Mount Union

Today I visited Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio. I applied for a job here, once upon a time. I got a campus interview, which went very well. I left thinking that I was probably going to get a job offer, but I never did. It's probably just as well. This was the year before I finished my thesis, and I intended to go out ABD. Considering that I just barely finished my thesis when I stayed in school, it would have been pretty tough to finish it while starting a full-time job. In any case, I didn't have that choice then, and I sure don't have it, now.

I chose to visit the football team, which last fall won their eighth Division III national championship (a record.) I was rooting for Wisconsin-Whitewater. I don't teach at Whitewater, but it is a sister school.