Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 248 -- Lamoni, Iowa

According to this web site, "Lamoni Iowa is a quaint community with a population of approximately 2,500." It's home to Graceland University, although I would have guessed that was in Nashville. It should be my last stop in Iowa.

I reached a new low this morning, namely 20 degrees. I used to have a general rule of no running outside if the weather is below 45 degrees, but that has gone by the wayside. It was nice that there was virtually no wind, although my face still got cold, and of course my nose ran faster than my feet. But I put in six miles, which isn't bad coming off 11 on Sunday. Tomorrow, I'll have to take it a bit easy.

After my post yesterday about getting antsy and thinking about changing my training schedule, I went and counted 18 weeks back from the Mad City Marathon. That took me to January 22, the first day of classes for Spring semester. Well, I can't pass that up! So I'll start a training program that day, although I think I'm still only going to shoot for the half marathon in Mad City.