Thursday, December 06, 2007

Day 501 -- Low, Utah

Over the almost two years that I've been doing this, I've noticed that a certain kind of town name is problematic. Names like Dale, Indiana, or Miller, Missouri, where the name of the town is a reasonably common word or name, tend to be hard to Google. You get people named Miller who lived in Missouri or visited Missouri or saw "Missouri Breaks". You get web pages that show a dale somewhere in Indiana, or people named Dale who worked on a Harrison Ford movie. But you don't get images of Dale, Indiana, or Miller, Missouri.

And so I find myself in Low, Utah. Knowing that I was in for such a problem, I decided to embrace it. Here is a picture that someone posted on Picasa Web Albums, of low octane gas in Utah. God knows why they posted such a picture. But here it is.

Illness continues to haunt the Jogger household. The littlest Little Jogger was up in the night, and he's never up in the night. Normally, he's sound asleep from the minute his head hits the pillow until up to 30 minutes after he gets out of bed the next morning. The medium Little Jogger is the one who has trouble sleeping, and so, not to be outdone, he was up in the night, too. The medium Little Jogger made it to school today, but the littlest Little Jogger didn't. And, worst of all, Mrs. Jogger is starting to feel it. If Mrs. Jogger gets sick, look out. She's the only thing that keeps the household from total anarchy.