Saturday, April 05, 2008

Day 583 -- Floriston, CA

So, has a sister site, In fact, both are part of a bigger project, by two guys named Andy Field and Alex Nitzman. I don't know why I never really looked at the big picture before. Anyway, thanks to Andy and Alex, I have the exit for Floriston, which is about where I am today.

Actually, if this is where I am today, then this is where I stay. Today is a day off from running. Day 583 was yesterday, although I didn't get a chance to blog it. (More about that in a second.) After three six mile days in a row, I did 8.5 yesterday morning, pushing me up near 26 miles -- a full marathon -- in four days. That's good, but it was hard. The last three miles or so, I was practicing my plodding.

I just hope I didn't overdo it. I'm supposed to run 17 miles tomorrow. If I can't. then the Green Bay Marathon is off, and I'm down to a half marathon. I'm pretty tired now. We'll see what I can do tomorrow.

And why didn't I blog yesterday's run yesterday? I went with a couple of friends up to Madison, where we saw Nanci Griffith perform at the Barrymore Theater. The Barrymore is a wonderful little venue. It's an old movie theater that's been converted to do live shows. We went there once or twice when we lived in Madison, but this is the first time I've been back, since. It was a good show. Mrs. Jogger is not a Nanci Griffith fan, so she didn't go.