Thursday, April 24, 2008

Days 596 and 597 -- Davis

This is the Amtrak station in Davis. A very attractive mission-style building, I think. The travel info site from which I lifted it starts their post by saying, "Davis, California is a town with a funny name - but a great place for walking, relaxing, and enjoying yourself." As a person who has virtually run through Ogallala, Nebraska, I don't see what's so funny about "Davis." Anyway, I'll go for the walking, relaxing, and enjoying myself.

I obviously didn't post yesterday, as I had the annual math department banquet. It's a nice little affair where we recognize outstanding students and get to see some of the emeritus faculty. It was fun, but I got home a little late. And tomorrow, I won't be able to post, because I'm off to Madison for the statewide math meeting.

But today I'm posting. I ran 3.6 miles yesterday, and a full 8.2 this morning. This morning's run was in the rain. It wasn't too cold, nor was it raining very hard, so it was actually kind of refreshing.