Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 589 -- Colfax

The Green Bay Marathon died today. I promised myself a while ago that if I couldn't make the rest of my scheduled long runs, I'd drop from the marathon to the half marathon in Green Bay in May. Today, I ran 15 of my scheduled 18. So I logged on today and switched my registration to the half.

I'm disappointed, but I'm trying to be philosophical about it. It will be better for me to run a decent half than a desperate full marathon. And now, I've finally made the decision, and I can quit putting pressure on myself. I can clearly run a half, so all I have to do in the next month is to keep in shape. I'll work hard this summer and get ready for my fall marathon, which will be in DesMoines.

Above, downtown Colfax. I got this picture from the Colfax web site, which tells us that Colfax is "filled with charm and small town atmosphere." My favorite part is the town motto: "Above the fog, below the snow." Nice place for a town.