Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jogger's Progress

Time22 days, 9 hrs, 13 min
3 days, 19 hrs, 38 mins

I took this morning off. It was still cold, and I was tired. And, most of all, I wasn't sure last night what I was going to do, so I left it to myself to make the decision this morning. If I had to decide at 5 in the morning every time I run, I'd almost never run. Fortunately, most of the time I decide the night before, and just get up and do whatever I decided.

April wasn't a bad month. It would have been more if I had stuck with my marathon training plan, but about mid-month, I switched to the half marathon. So I had fewer days and fewer miles in the last half of the month than I could have had.

Now, I'm into the final days of the countdown to the Green Bay Half Marathon. The ticker is over there to the right. Wish me luck!