Thursday, April 03, 2008

Days 581 and 582 -- Open up those Golden Gates

I'm pretty sure that today I ran into California. If not, then either yesterday or tomorrow. I ran out of Utah just before New Year's, so it's been three long months in Nevada, the longest of any state so far. (That's partly a function of how I tackled the states. I ran into Nebraska from the south, already halfway across. If I had run from Omaha straight through to Scottsbluff, a distance of approximately 100 billion miles, it might have taken me a bit longer.)

I believe that once again I have scored the exact welcome sign that I would see if I were really where I claim to be. At least my chances are good. There are only two highways into Sierra County from out of state, and I-80 is, of course, the bigger one.

This image has an interesting provenance. I found it on the web site of Mark D. Roberts, a Presbyterian minister. He used the image to illustrate his opening sermon of a four month series on the topic of "Welcome" back in fall, 2005. I confess I didn't read the whole sermon. But I do note that he got a "Best Pastor" blog award in 2005, so I urge you to check him out.

I ran six miles yesterday, including some hills, and six more today. I felt OK yesterday, but pretty tired today. I'll see if I'm up to a run tomorrow.