Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 600!

OK, first I guess I'd better explain the image. This is, of course, an Ambo-600-cell. It has been constructed by Mira Bernstein and Vin de Silva, using the Zome System building tools. In four dimensions, it consists of 120 regular icosahedra and 600 regular octahedra, but in this three-dimensional projection, it lays on top of itself, so it is only half that complex, but it still requires plenty of pieces. It was the coolest thing I could find when I Googled "600".

Today is day 600! Nice milestone. It has taken me about 2 years and 4 months to get that far.

The whole day went by in slow motion. I'm not even going to admit how slowly I ran 4.5 miles this morning. Then I had most of the morning off, but I couldn't seem to get anything done. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day.


Addy N. said...

I love zome! Of course, you realize that you made yourself about a foot tall!!

USJogger said...

Nonsense. These are Mega-Zomes. The connectors are 8 inches across. The bars range from 2 to 5 feet. It took seven teamsters and a crane to assemble the thing.

Regular Zomes are for wimps.