Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jogger's Progress

Time29 days, 4 hrs, 34 min
11 days, 59 mins

I meant to run today, but it snowed overnight. The gym isn't open on Sunday morning, so that wasn't an option. Of course, they are open this afternoon, but I don't think I'm going to get over there. The Packer game is almost over, and when it is, I'm going to get to the office to do some work.

It has still been a good month. I feel pretty good about what I've gotten done. It's been a pretty typical month for me. This was the sixth time this year I've run 21 days. I could have run more, if the weather wasn't going bad on me. Of course, if the weather was good, I'd probably find another excuse.


Joe said...

I never understood why gyms opened so late on Sundays. I know the church crowd slows business, but a lot of us want to get in a workout before dropping in front of the television for an afternoon of football.