Monday, December 01, 2008

Day 742 -- More Connell

I'm a bit past Connell, at this point, but their Fall Festival looked like so much fun, I just couldn't resist it. It was the second weekend in September, so I missed it. And I don't plan to stick around for the next one.

I went to the gym and ran five miles this morning, at a decent pace. It felt good. I hadn't slept really well, so it was nice to get myself energized. I'm afraid that energy has worn off by now.

Illness is ravaging the Jogger family. The littlest Little Jogger has been throwing up. Mrs. Jogger has an upset stomach, but hasn't actually thrown up. The first Little Jogger isn't sure whether she's getting sick or not. She's easily suggestible. The medium Little Jogger still has his cough, and the oldest and newest Little Jogger does, too, although hers isn't so bad. So far, I'm OK, and I hope that it lasts. I'm too busy to get sick.