Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 743 -- Hatton

I've commented before about how frustrating Flikr is. There doesn't seem to be any way for users to put in a note that says what the photo is all about. So we have this perfectly boring picture of a sign in Hatton, Washington, and no idea why anyone would have taken it, much less uploaded it to the World Wide Web for the whole world to see. But someone did. And then, some idiot went and compounded the problem by adding a photo of himself in running shorts.

I skipped my run yesterday. Mrs. Jogger was still not feeling well, so I stayed home to try to get the Little Joggers out the door. As it happened, only the girls went, and the first Little Jogger only made it through a couple of hours before coming home. Today, all went except the medium Little Jogger. Mrs. Jogger is hoping for a kid-free day tomorrow.

I got my run in this morning. I went to the gym and put in a medium slow five miles. I needed that.

We got more snow today. I was supposed to go up to Madison to give a talk at the technical college, but I canceled. The snow was just a little too heavy, and the Internet was saying things like "road conditions deteriorating." So I called the organizer, and we're going to reschedule for next semester. I used the four or five hours that that would have taken me to do productive things around home and office. So overall, it was a good decision, although I was sorry to disappoint the masses of technical college students who were no doubt waiting for my pearls of wisdom.