Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 751 -- East of La Crosse

No picture today. It's late, and I'll be oozing into bed soon, and I'm too tired to find a good one.

I shouldn't be tired. I slept in this morning. I didn't mean to, but I forgot to set the alarm. When Mrs. Jogger's alarm went off, I had the choice of going over to the gym late, or of waiting to run at noon. Since I had nothing firm on my schedule, I really did have the choice. I decided to wait until noon.

It was a good run. I was pretty stiff, so I just plodded along. I actually thought about quitting early, but a friend showed up and ran the last couple of miles with me, which helped a lot. While we were chatting, I might have miscounted a lap. Or I might not have.

A winter storm is currently blowing across Iowa, and threatening to blanket southern Wisconsin. I have no place to go tomorrow, and I'm going there. The Little Joggers will likely have no school, so it could be a three-day weekend. Yea! I have just a little grading to wrap up, but it's stuff that I can do at home.