Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Virtual Run Across America

There's a highway in Cedar Rapids that goes north and south at the same time. Three highways come together, so that you are driving on 151 north, 30 east, and 218 south, all at the same time. This amuses me.

I thought about this, because for the next year, I will be running east and west at the same time. I have decided to participate in the Virtual Run Across America, developed by NikeMom.

Her idea is somewhat different from mine. While my journey has been solo, hers will be a group effort. If I understand the rules correctly, what she will do is to add the mileage contributed by everybody and lay it end to end. So if, on a given day, she runs 6 miles, I run 3 miles, Pat runs 8, and Greg runs 5, that will add 22 miles to the combined journey. If she gets enough participants, she should be able to get across the country in a year easily.

Meanwhile, of course, I will continue my own second solo trip across the country. She will be going east to west (as I did on the first leg) and I will be going west to east. I hope that we can meet up partway. Then, I suppose, I really won't know whether I am coming or going.

For the record, NikeMom, I thought of it first.