Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 756 -- Pullman...almost

I'm not quite to Pullman, but it's big enough for me to get a couple of days out of. Today's photo is courtesy of the Pullman Fire Department.

I ran 10.7 miles today, which will be my longest run of the month. I had meant to get in at least a 13 miler every month of the winter, but I didn't quite make it in December. I probably had the energy for a 13 miler today, but I didn't really have the extra half hour that it would have taken. We're planning to travel down to visit Grandma Jogger and the Photographer tomorrow, and so we have some packing and cleaning to do.

Today's run felt very good. I managed to hold a 10 minute per mile pace for the whole way, which is pretty good. I was tired at the end, but by no means dead. I may slip out to the gym for a quick five tomorrow, and that will probably be it for the year. There is no indoor gym available in Grandma's town, and I doubt it will be nice enough to run outside.