Monday, December 15, 2008


Cousin Jogger just called me up to chastise me for not blogging for three days. (OK, he called me up to chat, but while he was at it, he chastised me for not blogging for three days.) I said, of course, that that's because I haven't run for three days. I had planned to take Saturday and Sunday off. It was actually nice enough that I could have run outside on Sunday, but I chose instead to watch the Packers lose yet another close one. Sunday evening, a cold front came through, and the temps dropped from near 50 on Sunday afternoon to near by Monday morning. Brrr.

I didn't go to the gym this morning, because I had a final at 8:00. I planned to run in the afternoon, but it turns out that the indoor track isn't open in the late afternoon. They are open for an hour at noon, and then not again until 7:00. Rats. Anyway, I'll get out and run in the morning.

The final went OK this morning. It was actually the exam period for most of the multi-section math courses, so I gave exams to my stats class and my Math for Educators class. Discrete Math has their final tomorrow. None of my students burst into tears, so I guess the final wasn't too hard. I have graded a couple of questions of each, and it's going much like I anticipated.