Saturday, December 06, 2008

Day 744 -- Cunningham

Cunningham, Washington, is an unincorporated town. It's so small, I can't find the population. So I don't have a lot of choices, here, and I went with Flikr. Again.

Day 744 was actually yesterday. I went to the gym and did a tempo run. I ran 5.3 miles in 1.3 mile sections. The third of these I ran at a 7:33 pace, which is pretty darn good for me.

In the afternoon, the stomach flu that had ravaged the Jogger household finally hit me. It was a rough afternoon, and a really rough night. But I think that I'm over the worst of it, now. I've managed to keep down some bland foods. We're supposed to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the University tonight. One of my students is Bottom, and I really hope that I'm up to it.


Joe said...

Ugh, hope the whole family is feeling better soon.