Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jogger's Progress...and 2009 Goals

Time29 days, 21 hrs, 10 min
11 days, 17 hours, 45 mins

OK, I'm officially not going to run again this year, so it's time to record my progress, and to look ahead for next year.

Mileage: This ends my third year of JogAmericaBlog, and each year, I've increased my mileage, from 1375 in 2006, to 1550 in 2007, to 1650 in 2008. So my mileage goal for 2009 is 1658.4, one tenth more than 2008. Or more, of course.

Time: Naturally enough, I've increased my time each year, too, from 8 1/3 days in 2006, to just over 10 days in 2007, to over 11 1/2 days in 2008. So my time goal for 2009 is at least 12 days. (Or should it be 11 days, 17 hours, and 46 minutes?)

Days: I have not increased my days each year. In both 2006 and 2007, I ran exactly 257 days. In 2008, I only ran 243. So in 2009, I would like to run at least 258 days, making it my best year on record.

States: Only 4 states in 2008, because I ran most of the width of Nevada, half the length of California, and pretty much corner-to-corner in Oregon. (I ran my first four states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, in about five months.) I can hardly set a high states goal for 2009, since I'm going to be running in these wide western states. I'll get as far as I get.

Off the blog: I would like to work on my speed. I set no Personal Records (PRs) in 2008, and I'd like to set at least one in 2009. I would like to run another fall marathon. I'm not sure where, yet. I would like to run the fourth Get the Lead Out Run, if there is one. The sporting goods store that was the principle sponsor went under, so I don't know if it will happen. I am thinking about a triathlon, if I can find one that doesn't involve too much swimming.