Friday, December 26, 2008

Please don't...

The Courage Campaign has a wonderful slide show that puts a real face on the Proposition 8 issue in California. It's a sequence of people carrying the message that Prop 8 supporters are now advocating forced divorce for over 18,000 legally married couples in California. Many are photos of the couples themselves, with the message "Please Don't Divorce Us." Others are families, saying "Please Don't Divorce Our Moms" or "Please Don't Divorce Our Dads." Some are just people, with a generic message "Please Don't Divorce Californians."

The sad, sad thing about it is knowing that the people who really need to see it won't. Even if someone sends it to them, they will look and see perversion where I see love. They will look at those happy families and think that it's right to break them up. Because somehow they are less deserving than opposite sex couples.