Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year's End Meme

I stole this one from Addy N. two years ago. She did it again this year, so I'm doing it again this year. The first sentence from each month of 2008:

  • January, 2008: I'm vaguely near Shaftner (Hey, there's not a lot out here!) so I thought I would use this pic of the Nevada Northern Railway as it passes, well, vaguely near Shaftner.
  • February, 2008: I'm not thrilled with this cover layout, but I do like the band name.
  • March, 2008: Got March off to a good start, with a four mile run at a brisk pace.
  • April, 2008: Now this is what I expect Nevada to look like!
  • May, 2008: So, it turns out that the International Bird Rescue Research Center has a location in Cordelia [CA].
  • June, 2008: Look at the cool twisted chimneys on this building in Cloverdale [CA].
  • July, 2008: Humboldt Redwoods State Park is California's largest redwood state park.
  • August, 2008: So I'm strolling along here in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, and I run across this totally normal sized tree stump, with a tiny little man pushing on it. [You have to click through and scroll down to get the joke.]
  • September, 2008: One thing that I got to practice this morning -- and I really need to practice it -- is my patience, waiting for the race to start.
  • October, 2008: After two long days in a row, I couldn't get myself going this morning.
  • November, 2008: I won't be to Arlington until tomorrow, but as I keep saying, there's not much out here, so I went ahead and plopped myself into this photo of the Village Inn Motel, from Epinions.com.
  • December, 2008: I'm a bit past Connell, at this point, but their Fall Festival looked like so much fun, I just couldn't resist it.

So, what does it tell you about my blog? That it's mostly about the towns that I virtually visit. Eight of the 12 sentences are about my location on the map. Two more are about my runs. One is about taking the day off, and the last is about a fake album cover (a thing I was doing a lot of back in January and February.)