Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year...and one last look back

Happy 2009, everyone. We had our usual quiet New Year's Eve. We stayed up watching a movie, then played Catch Phrase until midnight, and went to bed at approximately 12:02. Actually, the medium Little Jogger went to bed at 11:45. He just couldn't make it any longer. We slept in a little this morning, and right now I'm just waiting for the football to start.

This week's theme at the Runners' Lounge is "Your favorite post of 2008." While I was digging around for the year-end meme, I found several that I liked. I thought about making a whole bunch of links -- my favorite race reports, my favorite virtual locations, my favorite birthday cakes -- but I settled on just one post. It was the only post that moved me as much to read it as it did to write it. So, if you weren't around JogAmericaBlog in August, read my Farewell to an Old Cat. I suppose that if that's the worst news of 2008, it wasn't a bad year, after all.


merrymishaps said...

I knew just by reading the post title that it would make me cry. My cats are my babies!

I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to your special furry girl last year.