Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Looks like I'm in for another long semester

My schedule is going to change. I had been scheduled for two sections of Discrete Math, and two sections of Math for Educators II. The Math Ed II is a new course for me, but Discrete Math isn't, and since one meets on MWF and the other on TTh, it looked like a decent schedule. However....

One section of Math for Educators I got canceled for low enrollment. So my colleague who only teaches the Math Ed courses had to pick up a course, and I'm the only one she could steal from. So I will have one section of Math Ed and one of Elementary Stats, plus the Discrete Math. Almost identical to last semesters schedule (which longtime readers may recognize stressed me out considerably) except for the new prep.

There are trade offs, of course. With one section, I'll have less grading with the Math Ed, and I can try to stagger big assignments so that they don't all come in at once. Even when I have grading for all three classes, there's at least some variety. But the extra work involved in preparing three lectures and writing three sets of quizzes and all that is just a pain.

Not that there was a lot of choice. I think the chair did what she had to do. So I'll bitch a bit about it now, and occasionally throughout the semester. But I'll survive. And she'll owe me one.

[Stress picture from Glow Forever.]


Joe said...

I've got no frame of reference for your complaints since I've never taught. So I'll just say I really like the cartoon! :)