Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 770 -- Kamiah

This is the "Heart of the Monster." According to the National Park Service, it is a "rock formation said to represent the heart of a monster in an ancient Nez Perce legend is located in East Kamiah." I actually stole the picture from Phil Konstantin's 2003 vacation.

I ran 12 miles today, my longest run of the year. I wasn't sure how long I was going to go. I wanted to go longer than 10. I thought 12 would be good. Then, I got off to a good start, and I thought I could do 13.3, which is 100 laps. But as I ran, I got slower, and slower, and slower... and at 12 miles (90 laps), I thought, "Enough is enough." I feel good. Tired, but good.


Joe said...

I hate doing small laps. The tediousness of it gets to me. So yeah, 90 is pretty awesome. And if you feel good at the end, that's even better. And tomorrow you can just kick back and watch football, right?


USJogger said...

I admit, it gets boring going around in circles. I much prefer to run outside, even though I'm slower. But running outside was definitely not an option for me, yesterday. It was too damn cold!