Friday, January 09, 2009

Day 764 -- More Kendrick

This photo from Kai Eiselein's Flikr stream gives me a chance to fool with my special effects. Wait a minute....the player is from Kendrick, but the tournament is back in Lewiston. Guess I can't use it, then.

I ran a quick three today. I would like to move in the direction of running at least five miles every time I go out, but I didn't accomplish that, today. It wasn't so much lack of energy as lack of time. I didn't get to the gym this morning (for no good reason.) The indoor track didn't open up this afternoon until 3:00, and I had to pick up the first Little Jogger at school at 4:30. Five miles would have taken me almost an hour, then I would have had to cool off and shower, and that would have been pushing it. A fast paced three took me just less than a half hour, and that gave me plenty of time.


Joe said...

Always love a cool photoshop reflection. Nicely done!