Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 777 -- Clearwater National Forest

I've actually been in Clearwater National Forest for a while. I entered it over on the other side of Syringa. However, Lowell is the last town for a while. A very long while. The next town is Lolo Hot Springs, Montana, a good 85 miles past Lowell. So get ready for a lot of Clearwater National Forest photos. It's a big honkin' national forest, so there ought to be plenty of photos.

I ran 13.3 miles today, my longest run of the year. It felt really good. I ran negative splits. That is, the total time for the second 50 laps was shorter than the total time for the first 50 laps, by about 2 minutes. This indicates that I had good discipline at the beginning, and good endurance at the end. I'm really happy with today's run. A little sore, but happy.

On an unrelated note, I just read in the January issue of Runner's World that The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association estimates that (as of 2007) the U.S. had about 16 million frequent runners. Their definition of "frequent runner" is pretty loose, as far as I'm concerned -- only 100 days a year. Two runs a week is not "frequent" to me. Anyway, since I'm well over that, that means that, in terms of days run per year, I am well into the top 5% of the U.S. population. (In terms of speed, I'm somewhat lower, of course.)