Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 760 -- Troy

I'm actually not running through Troy. I could have run Idaho highway 8 up to Troy, and hopped on Idaho highway 99 there, but there's a short cut. When you are on foot, short cuts are good. So I'm running south of Troy, now. But I could still drop in for a visit at the Troy Library.

We had freezing rain on Saturday night, and then below freezing temperatures all day Sunday. So this morning, everything was still coated with ice. I didn't even try to get out to the gym. But I went over in the afternoon and ran a very easy five miles.

Public schools opened two hours late this morning. One of my friends asked what exactly the point was. Since it had been icy for a day and a half, how was two more hours going to help. But apparently it did, because by 10:00, they were ready to go.

I spent the whole day catching up with stuff I have neglected for the week. My office was a mess, and I cleaned about half of it. I had some files to read and forms to fill out and various other little jobs. Classes don't start for two weeks, but I'm afraid that that will go very quickly.