Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 761 -- More Troy

Not much out here, so I can stand another picture from Troy. This one is from Walter M. Steed and Associates, who managed the Main Street renovation in Troy in 1999. They have an impressive list of public works projects that they have administered. I can honestly say that, if you are looking for someone to administer a public works project in the northern Idaho area, I know of no one better.

I got a lesson today in relativity. I set out to do a tempo run, and I ran just as hard as I usually do for a tempo run, but somehow, the clock didn't see it that way. I honestly thought for the first ten laps that I must have missed a lap and run 11. I was that slow. But if so, I missed one for the next ten laps, and one for the ten after that. Either that, or I was just too dog tired to get up to speed. Which, if you consider that yesterday's run was afternoon, and this morning's run was 14 hours later, shouldn't surprise.