Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 966 -- Eden

Eden doesn't look very idyllic in this photo, from BuckeyeMel's Flikr stream. It looks downright cold, actually. Good thing I'm running, to generate some heat.

I got out this morning and ran about nine miles. It might be a little soon after the marathon to run that far, but I made it. I didn't feel very strong at the beginning, or at the end, or in the middle. But I did keep on plodding, and I finished. Can't knock that.

You may have noticed that the counter to the left is now counting down to the Madison Marathon in May, 2010. Registration for Madison opened on Thursday, October 1. And I registered on Thursday, October 1. I couldn't resist. The main thing that I want to do in the next seven months is to lose some weight. The marathon will go a lot better at 200 pounds than at 225. We'll see.