Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Days 973, 974, and 975 -- New Effington

New Effington Elementary, where Mrs. Hosmer's 4th grade class has created a web page to tell us a little about the town, and encourage us to come visit. Well, here I am.

I haven't been running really strong, lately. Only three miles on Monday and Tuesday, and five mile today, but it felt like 50. Lack of sleep. I was up late Monday night writing a test, and again Tuesday giving the test. This is a four day week, because we have fall break on Friday, and I seem to be destined to get five days worth of work into the four days. Ugh!


Karen said...

You may not be running "strong" but you amaze me by how much you get done!!

Thanks for the continued introduction to places in the US!