Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 977 -- North Dakota

At long last, I have left South Dakota, and run into North Dakota. I ran South Dakota more or less corner to corner, so it was a long slog. I ran into South Dakota on July 12, and have run 70 days since. I won't be in North Dakota nearly as long, since I'm already almost to the eastern border. [North Dakota sign from Ed's World.]

I took Friday and Saturday off from running, and damn near took today off, too. I slept in this morning, and didn't get a run in until after church. Since the Packers had a noon game, I wasn't planning to run after church, but I got so antsy, that I just did. I missed the first half of the Packers game, but it wasn't that exciting. They pounded the Lions.

I've been grading all weekend. Friday was our Fall Break, so we didn't have classes, but I didn't manage to avoid grading entirely. I'm now done with the Calc exams, and more or less ready for tomorrow. And it's early evening, and time to wind down to bed. Sigh.