Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 965 -- Roslyn

I ordered photos from Action Sports International, the official photographers of the Fox Cities Marathon. I actually ordered downloads of all my pictures. I'll make some prints in the sizes that I want. What I'm wondering about is the license:
This license allows you to make prints from this file, and to use the image for any other personal use, but does not grant any copyright to the image. Other than the use or uses expressly listed above, no other use of the attached image(s) is authorized and any other use is specifically prohibited without express written permission of Action Sports International. No other express or implied license of the attached image(s) or any copyright is granted as part of this release. Action Sports International retains all copyrights to the attached image.

So, is cutting out a picture and posting it in front of the International Vinegar Museum considered "personal use", or not? I'm betting it is. Considering this blog sometimes gets readership in the double digits, I'll probably get away with it. This is the first time that my cut-out has been an action shot.

Wait, wait, wait! Back up! The International Vinegar Museum? Of course. Here it is, in Roslyn, SD. Where else would you put the International Vinegar Museum? It was founded by the city of Roslyn and Lawrence Diggs, aka "the Vinegar Man", to increase traffic flow in the community. No doubt, it has. [Vinegar Museum photo by Idawriter on Panoramio.]

Oh, by the way, I ran 5.3 miles this morning.