Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 964 -- Jogger's Progress

Time40 days, 4 hrs, 8 min
10 days, 4 hours, 58 mins

At only 120 miles in 19 running days, September is not quite my lowest month of 2009. that honor goes to May, which was 119 miles in 18 running days. As you no doubt recall, I lost a lot of days to a sore tendon that month.

This month, I lost a lot of days to the marathon. I didn't run for two days before, or for three days after. So really, I averaged only a little over 4 miles for those six days. I didn't get in another long run all month, so it just didn't add up. That's OK. At 207 days and 1434 miles for the year, I'm seriously ahead of any previous September. In fact, I've already run more miles than all of 2006.

No big plans for October. I'd like to make 24 days and 120 miles, which is what I did in October 2006. But mostly I'm just going to run when I feel like running and rest when I don't.