Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Days 946 and 947 -- Java

I was afraid that I would have trouble finding a picture of Java, SD. Java, of course, is one of those words that means a lot of things, and in particular has a computer related meaning. So you run the risk of finding coffee shops in Sioux Falls and computer programmers in Rapid City. Fortunately, the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection has for sale a Centennial book from Java, and their add for it has some pictures, including this one of some trappers and an old Maxwell in 1916.

I ran a quick three yesterday, and a solid six today. I never had a chance to post yesterday. I got home a little late, and the house was a bit chaotic, with school papers to sign and pictures to find for "getting to know you" projects and what all. Today isn't quite as bad, although there's still some tension. Everyone has too much homework, except the littlest Little Jogger, who doesn't have enough. He's trying to come up with something else he can do.

In other news, Mrs. Jogger starts a new job tomorrow. She will be the receptionist at our church. She's excited about it, but a bit worried about what will happen to the household if she works thirty hours a week. You can tell that she's tense. It will be better when she actually gets to work, I think.

The first day of classes went well. No major problems. In Calculus, I had exactly the students on my class list -- no more, no less. That's very unusual. Stats was more typical, with four students who didn't make it out of bed, or didn't find the room, or have decided to drop, but haven't done it yet. I had no class at all today, although I met with some calculus students. The first worksheet is due tomorrow, and some of them needed help with their precalc topics.

Overall, the year is off to a good start, I think.